Rules & Policies

Contact Phone / Text:  208-922-7000

Property manager does not reside on the property, but 4 miles away.

Property Address:            307 6th Ave

                                             Indian Rocks Beach, FL 33785

Owner:                                Twin Dolphins, LLC.

                                             Phone: 208-922-7000

Life Emergency:               Dial 911

Hospital:                             Largo Medical Center –

                                             201 14th St, Largo FL 33770


Fire:                                     Fire extinguishers are located under each kitchen sink.

Don’t pour water on a grease fire. Dial 911.

Evacuation Order:            Upon posting of any evacuation order issued by state or local authorities, all occupants must completely vacate the property immediately.

TVs:                                     The property features two Roku Smart TVs with DirecTV app channel service. No cable. To watch TV, turn TV ON, select DirecTV NOW app (one stream at a time). Go to Guide (top right). Scroll and select your channel. Please wait while channel loads. Roku TV remotes have volume controls on the side. You may use Netflix, Amazon, YouTube or other service with your account. Please make sure to log out of those accounts when you depart. There is one additional TV downstairs specifically set up for gaming & DVDs. There is a PS3 connected to that TV for your use and games and DVDs next to it.

Phone:                                There is no phone service in the house.

House Amenities:             We try hard to keep the house well stocked and equipped. If anything is broken or empty, please let us know so we can replace.

Trash Collection:              Pickup Tuesday and Friday.

Please place the large BROWN trash bin curbside the night before. Any items that does not fit in the bin, place in closed trash bags next to the bin curbside. Avoid placing food items outside the bin as racoons may have a feast overnight. Do not place bin by curb any other time.

Recycling:                           Pickup Wednesday.

Please place the large BLUE bin curbside the night before. Do not place any trash in the recycling bin. Do not place bin by curb any other time. Please refer to the recycling sheet in this binder for details.

Parking:                              Parking is allowed on the driveway and in the garage.  No overnight street parking allowed.

AC:                                       The thermostat for the AC on the top floor is in the top floor hallway.

The thermostat has a cool limit of 72F and a heat limit of 65F.

                                             The lower floor living room has a wall unit that should be set as needed. Please turn off if not in use and overnight. Lower floor bedroom has its own unit that is controlled individually.

Fireplace:                           The fireplace is not in use.

Pest Control:                     The property is under pest and termite prevention. Occasionally after treatment there may be live and/or dead termites appearing as a result of the treatment. Termites are common on the island and can be a nuisance but are not dangerous. Pest control may need to perform service during your stay.

Water Main Shutoff:       The water main shutoff is near the garage on the East side of the house outside the gate. If a water leak occurs, step #1 is to shut off the water main by turning the handle, step #2, call property manager.

Electrical Panels:              Two electrical panels are in one of the twin bedrooms upstairs. Breakers for the pool is by the pool equipment outside.

Pool:                                    Pool use is at your own risk. There is no lifeguard. Only use plastic containers provided for beverages in or near the pool, no glass.  Towels for pool use are white/blue stripe. The pool is heated, and to remain heated it needs to be covered over night during January – May. The cover easily rolls on and off. Pool light switch is a covered switch outside by the pool equipment, just under the wall AC.

Pool /Beach Toys:            Several pool and beach toys are provided. Please check safety and function before use. If any toys are broken please throw them away. There are beach chairs and an umbrella along with various pool and beach toys for your use. Please rinse beach toys after use and store in the garage. Use all at your own risk.

Maintenance Access:      The pool and Lawn are is serviced each week on Tuesdays. The technicians will access the back yard via one of the side gates and announce their arrival clearly.

Dock:                                   The dock is for your enjoyment. No diving off the dock as the water is shallow and rocky. The boat lifts are for boats and Jet Skis only, no sitting or playing on the lifts. The seawall cap needs repair. Do not walk on the sea wall cap.  Boat lift can be made available upon request.

Kayaks:                               There are two kayaks with paddles for your enjoyment. Life vests and paddles are in the garage.  You must bring a floatation device or the sheriff may pull you over. When kayaks are not in use please flip them upside down to prevent rainwater from collecting.

BBQ:                                    The BBQ grill is a charcoal and/or gas grill with a smoker.

Beach Access:                   Public beach access is just around the corner at 5th Ave/Gulf Blvd. Walk 6th Ave to 5th Ave N (main road with bridge), turn right and go straight out to the beach.

Dogs:                                   If you brought a dog, please leash when not on the property. Dog are not allowed on the beach. Always POOP SCOOP including in the yard! The yard is fully fenced but please inspect perimeter to ensure safety of your pet. There is a small doggie life vest in the garage.

City Ordinances:               Guests must comply with all City of IRB Ordinances including ch 26 relating to parking and noise.

Weather:                           Island weather can be breezy. Any items left on the dock may blow into the water. Please bring all items (except for kayaks) in from the dock when not in use. In the unlikely event of a hurricane, owners will place storm shutters on windows and doors, and prepare the house for potential flooding. The air on the island is salty. This leads to rusting of anything left outside for more than a few hours. Please do not leave personal electronics etc outside overnight. If rain, please bring cabana cushions and any other pillows inside or under cover.

Check Out Check List

¨ Check out time is 10am.

¨ Start one wash load of TOWELS.

¨ Fill & Start Dishwasher.

¨ Empty all trash cans into trash collection bin in garage. Do not bring to street.

¨ Set all ACs to 77F.

¨ Log out of personal accounts used on TVs (such as Netflix, Amazon etc).

¨ Leave garage remote control on entry table by front door.

¨ Send text to 435-225-1015 that you are checked out.